For details on how we advise your bat should be cared for after purchase please see Our Guarantee. Below we have summarised what we can offer in terms of health checks and general bat repairs.


At the end of every season we advise that you should perform a health check or MOT on your cricket bat.

After the first year’s use it may just need an oiling, toe waxing (or rubber application) and some new grips. In the very unlikely case that the bat has been looked after well and needs attention in the first year of use, for purchasers from FATBATS, this falls under the guarantee.

After the second or third season (depending upon the frequency of use) we advise that you bring it to us for a full MOT – discounted for FATBATS buyers. Our rate will depend upon the condition of the bat and may include things like: a light sanding, re-polish, oiling, a face protector applied, bat tape for the edges, toe substance put on, etc. Early protection for any loose bits of wood or prevention of moisture creeping in can seriously extend the life of the bat; by up to 100% in some cases, and keep the bat performing to its optimum.

Cricket Bat Repairs - General

We also offer a general bat repair service. This is also done on a case to case basis. Many bats ‘go’ in the handle; we will not re-handle cricket bats but can put you in touch with someone who can. Other typical repair examples include: lifting in the toe and loose pieces of wood on the edge. We will accept bats from any bat makers. Almost all bat repairs fall within £30 - £35 excluding postage and packaging. Just ring or email and we’ll give you advice and/or a quote.

Terry Worgan, Bat Maker
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